Reinhold Gliere

Reinhold Gliere

Reinhold GliereTwo of Gliere’s compositions are included in the American Balalaika Symphony repertoire: “Russian Sailor’s Dance” from his ballet “The Red Poppy” and “Hymn to the Great City” from the ballet “The Bronze Horseman.”

Reinhold Gliere was born in Kiev in 1875 and lived until 1956. He studied composition in Kiev and at the Moscow Conservatory, where he later taught. His students included Prokofiev, Miaskovsky, and Khachaturian. Gliere’s musical life spanned the period from late Romanticism to Modernism, although his own music has more in common with the former. His best-known works are the ballets “The Red Poppy” and “The Bronze Horseman,” although his Third Symphony titled “Ilya Murometz” is considered by many to be his greatest work.

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