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ABS CDs Available for Sale

CD prices: $15.

ABS CDs are available for sale at every ABS concert. To order by mail, send check for the correct amount plus $5.00 for shipping and handling to:

American Balalaika Symphony
3811 N. 14th Street
Arlington, VA 22201

Don't forget to include your name, address, zip code, telephone number, and the names of the CDs you would like to purchase.

Balalaika Music Samples

These sites provide a flavor of music performed on Russian folk instruments like the balalaika, domra, and bayan. The selections range from folk to chamber music to symphonic music. You will find segments of songs as well as entire pieces, mostly in mp3 format. Let us know if there are other good examples on the web of music performed on balalaikas and domras that you think should appear on this page. Also, we will soon feature some of our own recordings.

Balalaika Orchestras Today

Since the late 19th century, when Vasily Andreyev introduced the modern concept of a Russian Folk Orchestra composed of balalaikas and domras, these orchestras have been founded and continue to thrive in cities throughout the world. This page connects you to some of the balalaika orchestras around the world. Many more exist in Russia and other East European countries. There are also many fine smaller Russian folk ensembles that you can hear in the US, Russia, and elsewhere. You can connect with some of these in the "orchestras" secton of the BDAA website.

While you're here, check out the link to the Ossipov Orchestra website below. It is a new website for one of the best-known Russian Folk Orchestras in the world. And for a short history of the balalaika and balalaika orchestras, see The Magic of Balalaika Music.

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Russian Music & Culture

Here you can connect to a few broader-themed sites related to the music and culture of Russia. Let us know about other sites with useful information in this category. Russian Entertainment Database

DC Area Web Resources

These items should be of particular interest to our own local community, here in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Russian Washington DC Web Portal
Links of the Russian Bazaar, Washington DC

For a short history of the balalaika and balalaika orchestras, see The Magic of Balalaika Music.