Guest Artist: Viacheslav Kruglov
Vyacheslav Kruglov, is a virtuoso performer on both the domra and the mandolin. In addition to performing and conducting in Russia and around the world, Kruglov is a professor in the Department of Folk Instruments at the prestigious Gnessin Russian Music Academy in Moscow, and has taught numerous master classes throughout Russia.

Viacheslav KruglovA winner of the First All-Russian Competition for Students of Musical Higher Educational Institutions of the Russian Federation (Novosibirsk, 1968), the First All-Russian Competition for Performers on Folk Instruments (Moscow, 1972), the All-Union Competition (Voronezh), and an international competition in Peru in 1984, Kruglov has also been awarded the Order of Friendship, the Order for the Service of Russia, and holds the title, People’s Artist of Russia.

In Russia, Kruglov has revived appreciation of the mandolin, which was once a very popular instrument in Russian everyday life, but subsequently became nearly forgotten. In 1990, Kruglov created the Moscow-based quartet “Mandolina” which acquired great fame in Russia and abroad. As a soloist on the mandolin, he acquaints his listeners with original compositions for the instrument by Vivaldi, Hummel, Beethoven, Giuliani, Calaci and others.

Born in 1945, Kruglov completed studies at the Kirov Music College in 1964 as a student on the domra under A. A. Linkov. In 1970, he graduated from the Leningrad State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, and in 1973 he completed the Leningrad Conservatory’s post-graduate program as a student of I. I. Schittenkov and a conducting student of Yu. P. Serebryakov.

Currently, Kruglov is artistic director of the “New Names of Moscow” and the “Moscow Mandolin” Ensembles; director of the Musical Sector of the Moscow Foundation for the Preservation of Culture of the Moscow Mayor’s Office, and Vice President of the “Atlantis” Foundation. He is one of the founders of the Russian School of Academic Performance on the domra and the mandolin.

Kruglov is also one of the main creators of the contemporary methodical school of performance on the domra, writing and publishing two large textbooks, “The Art of Playing on the Domra” (2001) and “The School for Performance on the Domra” (2003). He is also the author of the textbook “The Performance of Melismatics on the Domra,” a program for teaching domra as a specialized solo instrument and in ensemble in higher educational institutions.

Students of Vyacheslav Kruglov include many famous performers and winners of prestigious competitions, various People’s Artists of the Russian Federation, and as teachers and activists of the arts, including S. Lukin, M. Gorobtsov, Director of the Department of Culture of Nizhni Novgorod, S. Gorin, Director of the Regional Methodic Cabinet in Kirov, T. Manylov, and many others.

Vyacheslav Kruglov frequently performs with the American Balalaika Symphony and often brings his students from the Gnessin Academy to perform with ABS.

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